Ashstar Is the leader and founder of Ashclan. He Is a Gray muscular tom. He has Icey Blue eyes That can almost burn you. He has the meanest glare when he's angry But that usally dosent happen Because he's calm but firm. He dosent like it when cats dont listen To him. Anyway Ashstar Is loyal to his clan always and would lose all his life For every cat in it. "When Leaders are bored, they worry about there clan , and the cats in it." He is also a very good swimmer, not so great in trees. When Ashstar was a young warrior and his mother had just had he last kit, She took another kit who was named Sharkpaw.

Lives: 8- Scourge took his first one.

7- A Fox trap took this life.

6- Deathspin killed him with a trap.

Mate: None Kin: Duskeye(mother dead) Sootkit, Strongkit(Brothers,Unkown) Sharkpaw(adoptive brother) Apprentice: Mudpaw